Our various programs build cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, balance, agility, mobility, mode and confidence.



The YET Center believes in all things natural.  YET attendees will not only be served healthy foods, but learn to cook them as well.



Our focus is to decrease the potential risk of obesity for  ages 5 to 12 through physical fitness, healthy eating, and sports training.



 Our focus is to increase academic achievement in the core academic areas with emphasis on improving literacy skills for each student. It is our aim to show student how to excel towards their academic goals by teaching strategies and methods that will be used throughout their educational endeavors. 

Family and Community Support


 Our families are the heart of the community.  In unison they thrive to meet the daily expectations involving economic, social, mental, and spiritual welfare of each individual. We value these intra-relationships established and support a primed environment that our families and children can succeed.  


All Things Natural

Nature has never been more fun than it is at The YET Center.  All Things Natural takes a hands on approach with gardening, healthy cooking and recycling.  Yet attendees will have fun planting veggies in our garden, learning to cook healthy foods and making new crafts out of old things.

Dance Class

The classes include fun, easy-to-follow dance moves to popular music, fitness games, and light strength training.  They will learn modern dance, Hip Hop, line dancing and ballet.


Our Judo classes help to enhance your child's self esteem, control and discipline.  It also builds cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, balance, agility, mobility, mood and confidence.

Afterschool Care Program

There's nothing ordinary about our after school programs.  Designed for kids K-6th grade, we take special care in helping your child with their homework and offer tutoring services.

Summer Camp

The Yet Center is an awesome place for children to spend their summer.  There's nothing one dimensional about this 8-weeks summer camp.  At our camp, each day promises learning, fitness and fun.  Camp goers participate in academically enhancing activities, field trips, sports skill training, cheerleading, dance, gymnastics, judo, arts and health.  We do everything we can to make sure your child leaves us feeling they had their BEST SUMMER EVER!


The YET Center makes fitness fun! Our primary focus is to decrease the potential risk of obesity for children ages 5 to 12 by promoting physical fitness, healthy eating, and sports training.

Academic Engagement and Enrichment

 JC & Liz YET Center have implemented programs that are designed to enhance students’ cognitive skills, study skills, and critical thinking abilities to promote educational goals and build literary skills with various electronic resources and manipulative. Students are encouraged to have a more meaningful experience in meeting their academic goals annually through active teaching self-advocacy and educational responsibility for student achievement.  

Outreach Services

 JC & Liz YET Center has established quality partnership with community and faith-based organizations. These partnerships are vital to the services and care we provides our children and their families throughout the year. We seek to engage our families and partners with opportunities to connect and network in order to ensure the best outcome for our children.   

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve facilities. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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